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When to Buy Craft Supplies for 50% Off or More

Our team has covered making crafts and purchasing craft supplies for years and has figured out the best times to get the lowest prices.

At these best times of the year to buy craft supplies retailers, in-stores and online stores offer incentives to shoppers to encourage them to buy craft supplies. 

These incentives are usually offered during federal holidays like the 4th of July, memorial day, Martin Luther King day, Black Friday, and the post-holiday period.

Hence, Shoppers consider these the right time to make your craft supplies purchases because you can save a lot of money. 

There’s more. You don’t just get the best price cuts during these days but also the best quality craft supplies from top sellers. 

Below, we break down the best time to shop for craft supplies and get up to 50% off and discuss where you can get such good deals on craft supplies, among others. 


When are Craft supplies prices best discounted?


Black Friday

This incredible sales day is a great day for discounts in almost every industry nowadays on many products, including craft supplies.

Price watchers have noticed incredible price cuts, and discounts on craft supplies offered by different department stores, art stores, and online retailers in recent years.

On Black Friday, 2020. Esty provided discounts ranging from 10% to 60% off Craft supplies. Micheals is offering up to 70% off a variety of craft items and supplies, as well as free shipping.

These good deals have also been seen at other craft supply retailers and stores, such as Hobby Lobby, Dollarday, eBay, and Joann.



Essentially, this is the best time to go shopping for craft supplies for classroom crafts and decorations.

The holidays have just passed, and most stores will be clearing out their craft supplies. Hence, discounts ranging from 70% to 90% are available on a variety of craft supplies.

Hobby Lobby, for example, has 50 percent clearance sales twice a year and can get up to 90 percent off twice a year after the holidays.



Federal holidays 

Another time to buy and get the best deals is during federal holidays such as Memorial Day, and Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Top craft supply retailers such as Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and Joann Fabrics have been observed to offer discounts ranging from 40% to 50% off various fabrics, handy tools, and other craft supplies.

During federal holidays, you can also use total purchase discount coupons on your purchase to get higher price cuts from many retailers.


These are the best times to get good deals on craft supplies, and you can easily obtain these incredible discounts with some diligence, patience, and waiting.

As you shop around, compare the discount and price cuts offered by stores on a specific product or supply. However, be confident that you will get the best deals in no time because these best times aren’t far away.

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