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Best Time to Buy Furniture And Get Up to 50% Off

If you can wait and plan, you can get your furniture cheaper by buying them at the right time. Such times are the best time of the year to get the most significant discounts and price cuts. They include;

The Wayfair day

During January and July

Holiday weekend sales like black Friday, Memorial day, etc.


When Are Furniture Prices Discounted?


Holiday Weekend Sales

Most of the federal holidays such as Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, including Black Friday band Cyber Monday are big deal days for furniture.

Therefore they are good times for you to buy furnishings as you will quickly get massive discounts from both online stores and in-stores. However, Black Friday and President’s day have been known to offer customers the most significant discounts that go as high as 50% or more.


Way Day

This top furniture retailer, Wayfair, always has a special day for discounting, price cuts, and markdowns on its website that go as high as 80%. 

Like Amazon’s prime day, other retailers will adjust their prices and offer massive discounts to compete. Hence, this is an excellent day to buy furniture and get huge deals from retailers. You can get up to 80% discounts if you shop around.



The weeks before retailers, manufacturers or brands release new products is always a reliable time to buy furniture.

Most of these manufacturers and retailers will lower the prices of the old inventory with discounts and markdowns before they release the new styles or models.

Hence, this is an excellent time to buy your furniture during this kind of clearance sale.

What’s more? This kind of furniture clearance sale happens twice a year, in January before the first weeks of February and towards the end of July. With this opportunity, you can grab more than 50% discounts on that Patio furniture or couch that you have always wanted. These vast advantages make these weeks some of the best times to buy furniture and get up to 50% off.

Understanding the year’s sales cycles would undoubtedly help you know the right of the year to buy your furniture.

This knowledge will also make it much more beneficial and easy to get quality furniture from top brands and retailers. Therefore this guide is an excellent tool that will help you achieve this aim while also helping you save a lot of money by buying cheaper.

Therefore, we recommend that to make your furniture purchases right time, you follow this guide.

Be assured that in no time that furniture will be yours for a lesser price. Also, ensure that you track top brands for their special discounting days, mark your calendars and wait patiently.

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