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Best Time to Buy Women’s Apparel and Get Up to 50% Off

For women, shopping isn’t a daunting task; it’s something they love to do. However, you shouldn’t just buy women’s apparel when you feel like it because women’s clothing can be costly whether you’re shopping online or in stores unless you know the best time to buy them.


But then, how do you know the right time to get good deals on women’s apparel? 
Answering this question would need you to research the best time of the year discounts, price cuts, and buy during markdowns.
These would earn you some savings from your women’s apparel purchases. However, to make it hassle-free for you, we have outlined here what price trackers who have covered women’s apparel shopping for years say are the best to buy them. They include;

  • January sales
  • Black Friday
  • Cyber Monday
  • End of season sales 
  • Holiday sales

Take a look below for more about these best times to buy women’s apparel and get up to 50% off.


When Are Women’s Apparel Best Discounted?


January Sales

The initial month of the year is one of the best times to buy women’s apparel. The January sales usually hold some days into the month during the January clearance sales, at which most stores and online retailers clear out their old stock through discounted sales and markdowns. As they try to entice shoppers, you can grab a discount of more than 30% on women’s apparel.


Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Do you know that during Black Friday 2020, Target, Amazon, Bluefly, Armani Exchange, and Walmart offered discounts on women’s apparel that were as high as 60%? 

Well, massive discounts have always been synonymous with black and cyber Monday. It is also one of the best times for you to steal a good deal on women’s apparel from top stores and brands. While you will see discounts and price cuts that will earn you 20% -30% savings from stores like Resolve, Nasty Gal, Modcloth, and Loft, you can also see discounts on women’s apparel that ranges between 50% -60% from others.

50 off women fashion


Back to school sales 

Another excellent time you can buy women’s apparel at lesser prices is during the back-to-school sales. This fantastic deal day for primary students starts from early August to early September.

However, you can also use this opportunity to grab good deals from retailers. Ensure that you check out your local outlets and departmental stores during these sales.


End of season sales

The end of the season is a big time in the clothing and fashion industry. Many retailers use this opportunity to clear out clothing such as women’s apparel that fits into the previous season to make room for those needed in the next season.
They do this mainly during the end of winter and towards the end of summer by offering customers discounts to entice customers to buy up the old stock.
Many price trackers have noticed this kind of women’s apparel clearance sales provided with 30% – 40% discounts. 


Holiday sales

Federal holidays are also an excellent time to buy women’s apparel and get up to 50% off. You can also use this occasion to grab good deals on women’s clothing.
However, President’s day has over time been known to offer shoppers the most significant discounts and price cuts amongst the federal holidays. 


You must know that buying at this time has to do with a lot of waiting and tracking.
Also, make sure that you mark your calendars and track your retailers online. The reason for this is because they might offer coupons and promo codes that could earn you even more savings from your women’s apparel purchases. 


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