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Best Time to Buy Video Games and Get Up to 50% Off

While there are so many factors that affect the prices of video games in the market and cause the costs to fluctuate, there are particular times these prices are at the lowest.


Most video game retailers offer markdowns, promo codes, and discounts during these times, like during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, January sales, and Amazon prime day.

For the best insights on these best times to buy video games and get up to 50% off, continue reading for more information.

When are Video games best discounted?


Black Friday

This popular day has always been known for the massive discounting online retailers, and in-stores give customers on gadgets and electronics. Hence, it is also one of the top days you can get a decent discount on video games and accessories. On video games, mainly, you can get up to 50% -80% discount from stores like Best Buy, Target, Amazon, Walmart, among others. Over the years, price trackers have noticed the good deals these stores offer. For instance, during black Friday 2020, GameStop gives its customers more than 50% discounts on various types, models, and video games brands.


Amazon Prime day

Amazon celebrates its anniversary once every year with a lot of discounting and markdowns on its products. To compete with Amazon, its competitors also offer massive discounts, and competitive discounting ensues. Hence, you can quickly get good deals on this day when you buy video games with discounts going as high as 60%.


Cyber Monday

Much more like Black Friday; Cyber Monday is also known for discounts on electronics and gadgets like video games. You can quickly get up to 75% discounts on various video games. Stores usually offer up to 40% -50% discounts on several video game accessories.
For example, over the years, Best buy has been noticed to offer up to 60% and Steam more than 70% discounts during cyber Monday.


January sales

While you’ll not get the massive discounts on video games during the January clearance sales like other days mentioned here, you can get up to 20-30% off.
This Amazon’s anniversary day is also an excellent time to buy video games that you want to gift someone during Valentine’s day.

What’s more?

Ensure that you check out manufacturers and release dates of new models, as this is usually followed by discounting the old stock. You can easily track these top retailers, departmental stores, and outlets during these best times to buy video games and get up to 50% through social media.


However, we also remind you that buying cheaper at these times doesn’t come any cheaper than tracking, waiting patiently, and shopping around online and in stores for the best discounts when the time comes.

Be assured that with these you’ll surely get your video games for lower prices and save you more money.

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