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Best Time to Buy Sportswear and Get 50% Off or More

While they can be costly, you can get them at certain times of the year without having to break the bank. During these times, retailers offer incentives such as discounts, promo codes, and markdowns that lower sportswear prices. They include;

  • Back to school
  • Black Friday
  • January sales – white sales
  • Winter sales and End of season sales.

These periods of the year would get you the best savings off your sportswear purchase. For the best insights, read more below.


When are Sportswear prices best discounted?


January clearance sales

The famous white sales that hold every January in the retail clothing industry also applied to sportswear. Hence, you can get discounts as high as 40% from in-stores and online marketplaces.
What’s more? Martin Luther King is January 18, and this adds to the discount frenzy. Ensure that you check out stores like eBay, Dick’s sporting goods, champ sports for th best discounts from top brands like ASICS, Reebok, New Balance, etc.


Back to school sales

This sales period during which retailers encourage shoppers to buy school supplies for their kids is another good time to buy sportswear.
As retailers offer discounts on school items and uniforms, they also discount other things, including sportswear.
Hence, you can get up to 75% savings when you buy at many sporting goods stores, including Dick’s sporting goods, Amazon, eBay, champ sports, etc.

For instance, during the back-to-school sales of 2021, Nike offered up to 50%, Dick’s sporting goods 50%, Under Armour 20%, Reebok 30% on selected sportswear. However, you can also get up to 70% discounts at some departmental stores and brands outlets when you buy older stock.


Summer sales

These sales extend from July to August, and you’ll good discounts being offered by most of the top sporting goods brands and stores that will earn you up to 50% savings.

However, price trackers have seen discounts as high as 70% offered by Amazon, Sweaty Betty, JD sport, Fitbit, ASOS, etc.


Black Friday

While this big deal day is famous globally for the discounts retailers and brands offer on gadgets and electronics, it is also one of the best times to shop for sportswear.

Getting a good deal on this day is easy as many stores and outlets extend their business hours and offer massive price cuts to customers that range between 50%-80%.
Like in-stores, online retailers also give out discounts on sportswear that could earn you up to 80% savings on selected sportswear like leotards, trainers, polo shirts, ski suits, etc.

For instance, during Black Friday 2020, online stores like Footlocker, Gymshark, Nike offered good deals. Nike offered up to 30% discounts on selected sportswear, JD sports 50%, Amazon 25%, Misguided 60%, Footlocker 25%, ASOS 50%, on many sportswear items.


The above periods are generally the best time to buy sportswear and get up to 50% off.

Be assured that you can get even more if you shop around. However, ensure that you track sportswear retailers and brands before these days for information on other freebies that would up your savings and get you the best forms of sport-specific clothing cheaper but give you the best sporting experience you want

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