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Insider Secrets to Getting The Makeup You Need For 50% Off

While many items can be purchased at huge discounts during certain times of the year due to changing seasons, makeups don’t really have changing seasons. They are used all year round. All kinds and colors can do no matter the season.

However, we have noticed patterns over the years that can give you some advantages and save you money when you buy makeup. These patterns in pricing show that retailers and brands tend to discount makeups and offer markdowns sometimes to encourage shoppers to buy more.
These incentives are usually offered during Memorial Day, after Christmas sales, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and holiday sales.

This guide has below the best information on these best times to buy makeups and get up to 50% off. Let’s dive in.


When Are Makeups Best Discounted?


Black Friday and Cyber Monday

During these sales days, most retailers and cosmetic companies offer discounts on many of their products. There is always some good deals by Too faced, L’Oreal, Lancome, among others. Ulta always offers a buy one, get one free that could earn you a 50% savings. For example, during black Friday 2020, Amazon offered up to 50%, Fenty Beauty 30%, The Maine choice 60%, and Nordstrom 50% off on some selected lip balm, lip liner, and contour cream.


After Christmas sales

These sales usually take place in January. Due to the expiration dates on most makeups, retailers and cosmetic companies use this period to clear out their older stock and bring in new inventory.

You can save a lot of money when you buy during this time. What more? After-Christmas is a good time for you to stock up on the makeup you’ll need for the year at lower prices.


Memorial day

On this day, skincare and cosmetic companies and retailers offer markdowns, and you can quickly get up to 70% off on many makeup items. For instance, during Memorial Day 2021, CoverGirl offered up to 50% off all of its products, Lancome 20%-30%, Laura Geller 35%, Sephora 50%, and Ulta 50% off. While retailers like Nordstrom, Walmart offered even higher discounts. Isn’t that nice?


Holiday sales

Do you need a makeup replacement? If you do, then use this time to grab one but at minor price cuts. The different federal holidays are an excellent time for you to get a good deal when you buy makeup.
However, the discounts only range between 20%-30% among most retailers.


While these are the top best times to buy makeups and get up to 50% off, we recommend that while you plan, you also track your retailers.
Following these makeup retailers online for promo codes and coupons could earn you more price cuts. You must know that while there is no off-season for makeups, these periods of the year will get you the advantage of buying at lower prices.

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