Best Time to Buy Guitar and Get Up to 50% Off

While they can be pricey, you can get them at certain times of year without breaking the bank. During these times, retailers provide incentives such as discounts, promo codes, and markdowns that reduce the prices of various types and brands of guitars. They are as follows:

  • Black Friday
  • January – white sales
  • Memorial Day and Labor Day sales.

There’s more to this. You not only get the best prices and deals, but you also get the best quality guitars that you will definitely love.

These times of the year will provide you with the biggest savings on your guitar purchase. For the best insights on how much discount you can get during these best times read on.


When Are Guitars’ Prices Best Discounted?


Black Friday

During Black Friday, make sure to check out top music instrument stores like Guitar Center and eBay for good deals on Gretsch electronic guitars, Fender guitars, and even acoustic guitars that will save you up to 50% off prices.
A couple of such awesome deals was seen on Black Friday 2020 by price trackers. Guitar Center offered discounts ranging from 40% to 50% off. When you choose in-store pick up, you will receive an additional 5% cashback.

During this day, if you can show evidence of a higher discount rate offered on a guitar model by an authorized dealer, you can also get more discounts from the popular music instrument retailer- Guitar Center.


January sales

This is another good time to get a good deal on a guitar. Most retailers, both in-stores and online stores will be clearing out their inventory from last year, and you can easily get good deals worth 35%-40% off prices.
You should also take a look at the floor guitars that are on display. Here, you can get up to 55% off it depending on its condition.


Memorial Day and Labor day

Also, keep an eye out for sales at your local guitar store during Memorial Day and Labor Day.
Most retailers offer discounts ranging from 30% to 40%, and you can find incredible deals on eBay, Guitar Center, and other websites.

For instance, on Memorial Day 2021, the Guitar Center offered up to 60% off several Martin guitars, Gibson Res Paul models, and so on.


Ultimately, make sure to follow your favorite music instrument retailers online; on their websites, and on social media.
Most in-stores and online stores usually offer free discount coupons and codes that could you awesome good deals as well as double up the discount you can get during these best times, so do well to track them on social media. With the best effort in tracking, you will be able to buy your guitars at up to 50% off. 


What’s more? You could also snag a good deal on guitar accessories and also get a couple of freebies during these times. However, always remember to shop around, even if you’re buying online or in stores.


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