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Best Time to Buy Camping Gear and Get 50% Off or More

So do you want to buy some camping gear? Are you planning to upgrade? or are you planning on going camping, but it’s not urgent. If so, with diligence, waiting patiently, you can easily steal the best deal if you wait to buy at these specific times of the year.

The question remains: when are the best times of the year to buy camping gear? These best times include the off-season, end of the season, memorial day sales, Amazon Prime Day, and Black Friday.

Be assured that buying at these times with the various discounts and price cuts offered would get you the best deals, quality, and savings off your camping gear purchases.

To take the hassle of doing the strenuous and time-consuming research off you, below we break down all you need to know concerning the best time to buy camping gear and get up to 50% off.


When Are Camping Gears Best Discounted?


Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Globally, these big deal days have become famous for the fantastic discounts which manufacturers, retailers offer. Nowadays, Businesses in the service sector have even started to offer discounts during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Isn’t that nice?

As a result of the enormous discounts offered by brands and retailers, you can get deals on knives, camping blankets, water bottles, and other numerous outdoor items.

For example, during Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020, Backcountry offered up to 80% discounts on camping apparel and Camping gear, while Amazon offered a 50% discount.


Amazon Prime day

Once every year in July, Amazon offers discounts and price cuts on its products. In recent years, this had become a significant day that price trackers lookout for good deals. However, other retailers also dive in, and there is competitive discounting.

Therefore you can quickly get more than 50% discounts on various camping items and gear like backpacks, binoculars, hydration packs, hiking scandals, among others.


Memorial day sales

While you can always see some pretty discounts during most federal holidays, You will get the biggest during the memorial day sales. Most of the top camping gear brands cut their price.

Ensure that you shop at REI, Backcountry, Cabela’s, and Amazon to get the best discounts from Kelty, Hydro Flask, Keen Footwear, and Coleman. Also, check sure that you check your local camping gear retailer and departmental stores for their discounts.

During the memorial day sales of 2021, Keen Footwear offered up to 20% discounts, Hydro Flask 25%, REI 40%, while BladeHQ offered up to 75% on camping pocket knives’ prices other multi-tools.



Little or no people go camping or purchase camping gear during the off-season, and retailers try to entice buyers with discounts.

You can also get some of the best deals and markdown when you buy camping gear during the off-season for camping. When you buy at this time, you can get up to 30% -40% savings on various camping gear.


End of season

Based on which part of the United States you’re in, you would be able to get some good deals at the end of the season.

Price trackers have noticed that huge discounts are offered on heated gloves, winter bags, winter bots, including other winter camping gear at the end of winter.

Then, retailers and manufacturers also offer good deals on summer camping gear like hammocks and sleeping bags at the end of summer. Sure good stores to check out at this end of season include Dick’s sporting goods, Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shops, and your local departmental stores.

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